Christmas Tree Inspiration

This year’s Christmas tree will be extra special to me as it is the very first in our own house together as a married couple. Now, considering we do not own ANY Christmas decorations whatsoever, I quickly decided, after realising the average price for 3(!) baubles is about £10 (unless you go tacky), that I had to look for simple designs that are not too pricey. Although I accept that it can take years to collect and hoard Christmas decorations, I do NOT accept a dull looking Christmas tree, ever! So how will I do it?

For the first time ever I have to think of a design – a simple one preferably with no more than two colours. In my family we always decorate with everything we can find, from awful looking objects made by myself and my brother in preschool, Norwegian flags, string lights, tinsel, and decoration that has been passed along through generations. But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it because it all has meaning. Every single object on that tree, more or less, has a funny story behind it, and it certainly brings out the Christmas spirit. And although we CAN argue and disagree with certain objects – such as the appropriateness of flags on a Christmas tree, or whether or not the tinsel hangs vertically or horizontally, we never have a special design to follow, which makes life easy.

Now, after reading my previous paragraph about my Scandinavian family, will you believe me if I told you that Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity? Well it is, and that’s exactly where I gathered inspiration from!

Here is a list of my 3 favourite Christmas trees that have inspired me to create something similar:

  1. Simple tree decoration with home made clay star
    ornaments as seen from Amy’s Homey Oh My blog


    You need:

    – Two different coloured and sized baubles (here white and mini gold)
    – String lights of your choice
    – White clay
    – Cookie cutter of whichever shape you like (here star)

    It doesn’t get much easier than this. I absolutely love the simplicity of only lights, baubles and clay stars on the tree, and I’m definitely going to give clay ornaments an attempt this year. The best thing about clay? It’s cheap and readily available both online and in craft shops. If you don’t want your ornaments white, you can always paint them whichever colour you like after baking them in the oven. That way you can add your own personal touch! Head over to Amy’s blog here if you want more detailed instructions.

  2. Pine cone inspired tree as seen from Country Living

    You need:
    – Large baubles (here white)
    – Smaller baubles (here gold)
    – Paper poinsettia
    – Large pine cones

    Why not add an extra natural touch to your Christmas tree? If you’re lucky enough to live close to a forest, you could use pine cones without it costing you a penny. To spice them up a bit, it is also possible to paint them a different colour (after gently washing them). Together with large baubles and paper poinsettia (about £1 a pack) you don’t really need more to make the tree pop!

  3. Christmas tree designed by Selina Lake as seen on her blog

    You need:
    – Different shaped silver baubles
    – Gold baubles (optional)
    – String lights

    Silver baubles and string lights – simple and elegant. Again, if you don’t want to buy countless amounts of baubles, create clay ornaments and paint them silver and/or gold. Stars always look good on a tree, and so do hearts.


The first Sunday in Advent is only 11 days away, and hopefully we will have collected a tree by then considering we’re only staying in Wales for two weeks in December before visiting family in South of England and Norway. I think the first Christmas tree on my list is my favourite, however, I also like the idea of collecting things from nature to add to our tree. I have purchased white clay and I’m quite excited to see if creating home made ornaments is as easy as it sounds! I will definitely give an update on how it turns out. Feel free to write a comment or to give me other ideas of how to decorate the christmas tree. How are you decorating yours?



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