The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater

It will soon be the time of the year again when we can finally dust off our favourite Christmas sweaters and wear them with pride throughout all of December. And I don’t mean ANY Christmas sweater, I mean the one and only UGLY Christmas sweater.

Although Christmas sweaters have been around for a long time, it is Bill Cosby we can thank for introducing the coolness of tacky looking sweaters, the so called “Cosby sweater”, designed by  Koos Van Den Akker, which he often wore in his sitcom “The Cosby show”. Later the sweaters sold around Christmas time were known as “jingle bell sweaters”, however, Cosby nor Van Den Akker refused to take credit for inventing the ugly Christmas sweater.

Black Friday is coming up, a great excuse to purchase another (or your first?) ugly Christmas sweater for the upcoming holidays. Here’s a list of my favourite ones:

  1. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, found hereamerican-psyco-sweater
  2. Birthday Boy Jesus, found herejesus_christmas_sweater_flat_2_1
  3. Star Wars Christmas Sweater, found hered09bcd2ec3ce475eb5b6d6e01dc53225
  4. Donald Trump – make Christmas Great Again, found hereil_570xn-1075036864_htg8
  5. Drake Christmas Sweater, found hereil_570xn-1108892193_o55j

Do you have a favourite Christmas sweater?

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